// October 19, 2018

Fairmont Miramar Hotel,

Santa Monica, CA

October 19th, 2018

•  EXCLUSIVE: Hear from Christopher Cox, a former SEC chairman.

•  Discover the future of finance and fundraising.

•  Learn about the tokenization of securities and assets on the blockchain.


Learn why the movement towards tokenized securities and alternative assets on the blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the world's financial markets.

Hear From Christopher Cox, 

Former SEC Chairman

& Congressman

"The fast pace of development in blockchain technology and applications holds great promise. At the same time, there are traps for the unwary, including both promoters and investors. In many ways, it is the best of times and the worst of times. Which of these will be the future depends very much on steps being taken today."

Five Keynote Speakers

Listen to 5 speakers that have extensive knowledge of tokenization, regulation, and finance. These are the thought leaders at the intersection of regulation and disruption that are tokenizing assets from securities to real estate and ushering in a new age of securities markets.

Eight Panels

Don't miss conversations with the best and brightest minds as industry pioneers discuss the current topics in tokenization: whether stablecoins are the future of tokenized securities trading, what is the ideal blockchain and application with which to issue tokenized securities, how entrepreneurs should respond when regulators come knocking, and more.

AND More Than

1,000 Attendees!

The last StartEngine Summit, held on April 20th, had 1,000+ attendees, 40+ speakers, and 7,000+ livestream viewers. Join the StartEngine Summit to get a chance to network with more than one thousand attendees, industry experts, and market leaders.

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Silicon Beach is an emerging center of the finance revolution. Join us at the beautiful Fairmont Miramar hotel in Santa Monica, CA.

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Former Chairman of the SEC, 

Former Member of US House of Representatives,

& Global Business Advisor

Christopher Cox

As the SEC Chairman, Cox approved the creation of the NASDAQ as an exchange and the merger of the NYSE with Euronext, opening the way for cross-border securities trading and regulation. His top priority was securities law enforcement, and during his tenure, the agency won record-breaking penalties, including the first billion-dollar settlements.

Co-Founder & CEO, StartEngine

Howard Marks

Howard Marks is the co-founder and CEO of StartEngine, an equity crowdfunding platform, and security tokenization platform. Previously, he was the founder and CEO of Acclaim Games, now part of Disney. Previously, Marks was the co-founder of Activision. Marks is the 2015 "Treasure of Los Angeles" recipient awarded for his work to transform Los Angeles into a leading technology city. 

Keynote Speakers:

Panelists & Moderators:

Timo Lehes

Co-Founder & Partner, Swarm


Scott Purcell

CEO & CTO, Prime Trust


Linda Lerner

Senior Counsel, Crowell & Moring


John Wu

CEO, SharesPost Digital Assets Group


Carlos Domingo

Co-Founder & CEO, Securitize


Trevor Koverko

Co-Founder & CEO, Polymath


Jor Law

Co-Founder, Verify Investor


And More to Come!

Juan Hernandez

CEO, OpenFinance Network


Cameron Chell

Founder & Chairman of ICOx Innovations


Kurt Kumar

ICO & Blockchain Architect


Sheri Kaiserman

Principal Advisor & Co-Founder,


Jason White

Sr. Lead Equity Crowdfunding & Token Sales, Indiegogo


Panel Topics:

Are Stablecoins the Bridge From 

Tangible Assets to the Blockchain?

In recent months, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies that are tethered on a 1-to-1 basis to a fiat currency, have been on the rise. Hear from pioneering stablecoin entrepreneurs firsthand on the future applications of this new form of cryptocurrency and whether stablecoins are the solution to crypto’s volatility and the lack of institutional participation in the crypto marketplace.

The Benefits of

A Tokenized Economy

Much has been said about the benefits of tokenization, but what are the economics behind the tokens? Learn the driving factors in the move towards tokenized securities and how the tokenized economy will behave.

Running a Token Trading System

The Do's and Don'ts?

Does your business model involve a secondary market of token trading? Are you an investor looking to buy and sell cryptocurrencies? Find out from the best securities lawyers what it takes to become a licensed ATS and what that means on a day-to-day basis for both platforms and investors.

Investment Strategies From 

Security Token VCs and Funds

What KPIs and token economic models are the experts evaluating to determine their investment strategies? What constitutes a good security token? A panel of sophisticated investors walk through their investment frameworks.

The Tokenization 

of Alternative Assets

How can real-world assets like real estate, oil, and commodities be tokenized with ownership tracked on the blockchain? How will this new token ecosystem function, and what impact will it have on current markets?

How to 

Tokenize Securities

Hear from the leading security token issuance platforms on their market strategies, how they are tokenizing their clients’ securities, and where the security token market goes from here.

Where to Trade 

Security Tokens

IPOs in the US are declining. Leading crypto companies are actively working to replace the NASDAQ and NYSE to facilitate the trading of privately-held securities on public networks. Find out firsthand how they are bringing these new trading markets into being.

What to Expect.

Over 1000 ICO enthusiasts joined us last time to get a better understanding of tokenization and the finance revolution around it.

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Managing Partner, Upfront Ventures

Mark Suster

Co-founder, Chia

Ryan Singer

Co-Founder & CEO, Civic

Vinny Lingham

CEO, StartEngine

Howard Marks

Investor in Brave, Ripple, Filecoin, Civic, Paypal, Polychain, and AngelList.

Gil Penchina

Partner, CryptoOracle

Lou Kerner

Co-Creator & Architect, Kodak Coin

Cameron Chell

Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Passport Capital

John Burbank

CEO, TrueBlock

David Moss

CEO, Harbor

Josh Stein

Host of "The Top" Podcast

Nathan Latka

CEO, CrowdCheck

Sara Hanks

Associate, Crowell & Moring

Dainia Jabaji

Independent Vice Chairman, Deloitte

Jay Samit

Co-Founder, Everipedia

Mahbod Moghadam

Senior Counsel, Crowell & Moring

Linda Lerner

Partner, Alliance Legal

Jeff Marks

Partner, Signia Ventures

Sunny Dhillion

Co-Chief Investment Officer, Pantera Capital

Joey Krug

Co-Founder, Ausum Ventures

Jeremy Gardner

Partner, Ark VC

Marissa Kim

Past Speakers

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